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The archives

I have always been a hoarder. My garage and the attic of the family home are stuffed with reams of paper documents I have collected over the years. My hard drives are awash with old computer documents dating back to school, university and my early career. My Google mail account contains pretty much every email I have ever sent or received.

Recently I’ve started to digitise the paper-based elements of my hoarding. (Scan to PDF on the office photocopier is one of the best inventions of the last five years.) As part of that process, I’ve also started to consistently rename all of my existing digital documents, sort them into directories, and back them up to web-based disk storage solutions.

Many of the documents I am processing are personal to me, but many might be of wider interest, particularly documents from the many organisations I have been involved in over the years: the Archives section of my website is where I intend to publish them.

My archives currently contain:

Photo: Dolescum on Flickr. Used under licence.

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